Ways to Create an Efficient Study Space in your Condo

Ways to Create an Efficient Study Space in your Condo

In today’s new normal, a lot of students, educators, or even office workers are struggling to find a quiet yet comfortable space work. We can safely assume that unexpected interference and distractions will affect our overall performance so it is really a must to have a personal space meant solely for a particular task. Therefore, I subcategorized the ways on how to create an efficient study space in your home or condo. The two main categories are: Ambiance and Decorations


Admit it or not, ambiance is an important aspect one must consider in buying a lot or condo in the Philippines. It is a unique atmosphere that boosts the mood of a person who experiences it while being in the vicinity.  Same thing with setting up your study space, you have to consider the ambiance of your chosen corner. It should be enchanting enough to be firstly recognized when you have a visitor. Be aware and known that these things are well-observed while choosing:

Peaceful and Quiet

We all want a space that we can have a piece of mind, especially when studying or preparing for an exam. Nowadays, it is so hard to find a specific place where you can maximize your way of thinking so it is a real fight in finding. Only you can experience setting up a study space in a stress-free environment when you are in Camella Manors. Trust me, there is no other place like Camella Manors when it comes to being an epitome of peacefulness. On the contrary, if you’re not residing in any of its branch, you can still have an efficient study space at home. You just have to keep in mind that it should be positioned somewhere peaceful and quiet.

  • Good and Natural Lighting – Make sure that your study space receives a natural light.  In a new study made, it is believed that studying under a natural light will keeps you from being productive and alert compare to being exposed to an artificial light. In Camella Manors, a lot of units has a bigger windows that will help you access these natural lights.
  • Well-ventilated – Of course, none of us wants to study while being beaten by the heat. If you do not have a split type aircon or any other type of aircon, consider on being near the outlets so you can plug an electric fan near you. Make sure that you receive a sufficient amount of ventilation so that you won’t get irritated easily. However, do not make it too much since it could get you drowsy.
  • Secluded and Far From Distractions – Do not choose a corner where you can take a nap within a few steps. Being near your bed or television will make you muddleheaded. Plus, it will stop you from being an effective and efficient learner. I presume everyone would agree that being a procrastinator is the least thing one should resort to do.
  • Exclusive for Learning – The study space you have chosen should be used solely for the purpose of studying or creating something related to your learning. You should not use it as a table for supper or area that has nothing to do with your homeschooling. Once you set-up your study space, bear in mind that it is only exclusive for acquiring new set of knowledge and nothing more. If you cross this boundary, you will be comfortable not committing yourself for a higher purpose.
  • Away from Noise – Noise pollution is one of the greatest enemy of a homeschooling learner. It could be from motorcycles, cars, or even chitchatting. For once, you’ll be asking yourself on how to soundproof your condo unit (Mark Tuazon, 8/10/21) or simply your apartment room. It is inevitable to get away from those noises but you have to think of how to position your study space in a way that unnecessary noises will not keep you unfocused. If you plan on choosing or changing a condo, you may prioritize Camella Manors as its condo units are pre-installed with drywall to lessen the high frequency sounds in and out of your bedroom walls.
  • Designs & Decorations

Believe it or not, each one of us has a sparkling part within us that could make a magical difference. By designing, we could express our inner creativity that will perfectly match our personality. Here are the some stylish ways to design your study space that will also reflect your interest, passion, and skills:Color Coordinate – If you are a minimalist, you can stick to one color that is not too overwhelming. However, if you prefer to use more than two colors, you can search for color pallets that can mirror your personality and taste. Normally, people would choose colors varying from white, blue, or green as they were believed to be more relaxing and appealing to the eyes. It is okay if you want to experiment with colors, just make sure that it will not distract you from being productive.

Use Organizers – To keep your area clean, use organizers that can be easily bought online. These will surely help you to organize your stuffs such as pen, markers, brushes or highlighters. Buy an organizer that will complement to the look you are trying to bring in your study room so that every design fits fashionably to each other.

Post Motivational Quotes or Pictures

Homeschooling will never be easy. From time to time, we will be reflecting on the purpose of our hard work. Posting motivational quotes from your favorite speaker could help you motivated. A family picture or a bible verse will also keep you in track to what you are planning to achieve. Believe me, these things will help you to be more inspired and optimistic at all times.

I know that distance learning comes with different hurdles. However, studying will be more difficult if you do not have enough space to study. One of the condominium in the Philippines, Camella Manors, can provide you an assurance that studying will be much easier with its amazing features and amenities that you will definitely look for in searching a new condo. It will also be a perfect choice to achieve the stylish and trendy study space you have been dreaming. After all, we all want to be the best in everything we do.

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