The Essentials When You Travel with Dogs

On a Travel with your Dog? Prepare these Doggo Essentials

Having memorable adventures is what travel lovers seek to accomplish from their bucket list. Most of the time, people travel on solo or with someone whom they love. However, there is this one specific population that travelling means having the time spent with a family member who has a furry tail and paws. They are the travelling fur parents who loves traveling with dogs.

Most fur parents will agree that their fur babies are already part of the family. For this reason, their fur babies must always be part of every itinerary may it be through travels or goals. Of course, fur babies have already overtaken a special place in their owner’s heart.

If you are planning to have a wonderful travel experience and adventures with your mini pooches, then you need to make the most of it with them. In this way, both you and your fur baby will get to cherish the day you had fun together.

What are the travel essentials that you need?

Whether you are traveling with your small-breed or large-breed dogs, you still need to pack the travel essentials along the way. The question is, what are the things you need to pack for your fur baby?

The Furry Travel Bag

The very first thing that you need to pack is your fur baby’s travel bag. Of course, this is where you will put all his or her essentials. In fact, the number of things that you will pack depends on the length of your travel days together. However, you need to prepare some emergency essentials just in case that you will be traveling for more than what is expected. Hence, you need to pack some extra essentials in the travel bag as well.

A perfect travel bag is a waterproof one to keep your dog’s essentials from being soaked in rainwater or other form of liquid. Second, you need to consider the space that the travel bag offers. Is it enough for your doggo’s needs? Are there extra pockets which you can utilize?

Next, you need to consider the quality of the travel bag. Will it easily be torn apart? Is it sturdy enough to fit all your doggo’s essentials in it?

Doggo Stroller or Kennel

Fur parents will agree that their mini pooches are actually babies of the family. In this regard, every fur parent is expected to have a dog kennel or even a pet stroller with them.

If you have any one of these things, then you need to secure this before travel. Your doggo’s stroller or kennel will keep you from the hassle of carrying them and their essentials all the time, especially when your travel activities have long walks in the itinerary.

A Good Amount of Food

Preparing enough dpg food will save you from the hassle of looking for a pet store when your fur baby gets hungry. Apart from that, it will save you from further expenses during travel.

A happy doggo is a well-fed doggo. For this reason, you need to make sure that they eat on time and with the right amount of food to keep them happy all throughout your travel adventures.

Feeding Bowl and Water Drinker

It may look like that food is life for your doggos, but you also need to consider their water essentials. You can ask for a mineral water to the place where you will be staying in or you can just boil the tap water for him or her. This will prevent them from drinking tap water which might be the cause of their diarrhea.

Lastly, you need to bring his or her own feeding bowl where they can eat their hearty meals. The common mistakes that fur parents do is they let their fur babies feed on human bowls during travels because they have forgotten to bring the personal feeding bowl. This scenario consists of hygiene issues as well as courtesy issues to the next person who will be using the bow l.

Sweet Yummy Vitamins

When travelling with your fur baby, please do not forget his or her vitamins so you will not be disrupting the routine, and of course, keeping their immune system robust and healthy. Plus, do not forget the dropper or syringe that you will be using in order to make your fur baby drink their sweet yummy vitamins.

The Mini Clothes and a Dash of Perfume

I bet you will be traveling on the most scenic and instagrammable places! For this reason, you need to prepare your doggo’s OOTD and his or her favorite pet perfume to keep him or her classy along the way.

Diapers and Some Sticky Tape (Yep!)

You might be wondering what’s the purpose of diapers and sticky tape on the way?

Based on personal experience, buying a real pet diaper can cost money on my part so I actually innovate on how I put diapers on my fur baby.

To save some money for your fur baby’s diaper essential, you need to put the diaper on like a belt on his or her belly. This will leave the tail exposed and his or her bum free.

Well, you just need to secure it with the right amount of sticky tape so it will not lose free when he or she runs or do the zoomies any time.

The 3 Cleaning Ps: The Poop Scooper, Plastic Bag, Pet Wipes

As a dog owner, you should always remember to bring the 3 essential Ps for cleaning.

First, you need to have a poop scooper at hand in case he or she drops the bomb any time. This is actually a responsible fur parenting.

After scooping, you need to secure it in a plastic bag so you can throw it in the bin without leaving any marks. This is also in courtesy to other people present in the area.

Finally, the pet wipes is a gold essential that you should forget for your mini pooch. There are a lot of uses to this. One of these is wiping the bum and the belly area of your fur baby once they pee or poo. It can also be used to wipe your hands in case you need it.

Being a responsible fur mom or fur dad is a must once you travel with your dogs.

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