Adulting Adventure 101: Choosing a Right Condo

As a millennial, there comes a point in our lives that we will decide to have a life on our own and explore the world independently. One of the things that we secure with this adulting adventure is a home where we can stay for a while. Most of the time, we seek a condo or apartment complex because we usually intend to live with less maintenance or we tend to move around from time to time. However, how do we know if we are choosing the right condo property?

On Choosing the Right Condo

Do you love shopping? Well, me too! Part of my daily routine as a millennial is to always check the quality of the products that I bought from an online store. I always check if the price is suitable for the item’s quality and durability.

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Similar with my shopping attitude, I always ensure that what I paid for is worth it, especially when choosing the right condo.

There are 8 things that I learned when choosing the right condo. These carefully-considered checklist consists of knowledge, location, comfort and convenience, security, amenities, investment, lifestyle, and price.

Choosing the right condo entails knowledge

Yep, you read it right! It really entails knowledge when choosing the right condo. Well, you do not need to really crack your brain cells as if you were joining a quiz bee. This is actually the first step that you have to do whenever you are seeking for a condo place. You need to do your own research.

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What I meant about research is knowing the condo property developer that you will be residing in the future. You need to check its history and even testimonials from the current condo residents.

Starting a millennial adventure can sometimes be tricky since you are in the same position of a first-time homebuyer. Definitely, you need to carefully deliberate your actions when it comes to making choices such as this.

On this part, you are carefully considering the reputation of the condo property. As early as now, you need to save yourself from any possible hassles and worries. It’s better to be a meticulous person, right?

Location matters when choosing the right condo

You may have heard about this over and over again, but really, it’s all about location! Once you are done with your expert-like research and you have deemed that the property developer is worthy to be paid for, then the next thing to do is search their website and look for properties that have the perfect location.

How will you know you are choosing the right condo with a perfect location? It actually depends on your goals.

Are you moving in a condo in order for you to be near your school, workplace or loved one? Whatever your reason is then it should perfectly fit to where the condo is.

To start, a perfectly located condo is when everything is within reach. The mall, grocery store, hospital, fitness center, school, or even the church should be accessible. Well, you all have different needs every single day or week, might as well live in a place that is near commercial spaces.

Location begets comfort and convenience

If you have a perfect location, then it means you will be rewarded with the utmost comfort and convenience. Well, a perfect one would be living in a communicity.

A communicity is having a city in a community. It is where everything is made available for you. It is a self-sustaining ecosystem where you can thrive and grow with ease.

Who doesn’t want to live comfortably?

I am sure that running errands would be tiresome if you need to drive kilometers away from your home.

Hence, you know that you have chosen the right condo home when it is in a communicity where everything is seamlessly integrated.

Security is your top priority

As a millennial, our mental health is significant as our physical health so we need to be in a place where it is refreshing, serene and secured.

You know that you are choosing the right condo if it has 24/7 security provisions and gated entrances and exits. Living an exclusive life is a luxury that you should never overlook. A secured home will let you sleep at night without worries.

A right condo has the right amenities

For one, I prefer a condo that has resort-themed amenities. It makes me feel as if I am always on an escapade since I am surrounded with a green and manicured landscape. Moreover, I am embraced by a resort ambiance so it feels like everyday is rejuvenation day.

Affordable Condo in Lipa - Community Perspective
Affordable Condo in Lipa – Community Perspective

Swimming pool is just right there whenever I wanted to take a quick dip. The clubhouse is there whenever I wanted to have special events with my family and loved ones. The fitness gym is there for me to accomplish my fitness goals as well as the jogging path for my cardio needs and the list goes on.

Choosing the right condo should be a form of investment

I am one of those millennials who wanted to retire young and retire rich. For this reason, I need to choose a right condo where I could turn it into a money-making machine.

Hence, the right condo for me is when I am able to lease my unit so I will be able to have monthly passive income. At the end of the day, I just want my money to work for me and not the other way around.

Lifestyle should always be in shape

I believe that there should be life and work balance. Hence, I would be able to live a great lifestyle only if I am in a home that is less densely populated. I need to be in a home where I can still be who I am without worrying from any threats within a community. Apart from that, the leisure hubs are just near my place so I can always do great adventures outside of my home.

Price is important, but this should be last

I listed this the last because with the above mentioned, this is my deciding point if the price is right for the condo that I am seeking for. At the end of the day, every worth should matter.

These are the reasons why I chose Camella Manors.

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